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About Jayne Ann Krentz
Jayne Ann Castle was born on March 28, 1948 in Borrego Springs, California. Her mother, Alberta Castle, raised her with her two brothers, Stephen and James. In 1970, she obtained a B.A in History at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and later she obtained a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University, where she met Frank Krentz, an engineer. After her graduation, they married and moved to the Virgin Islands. She worked in the Duke University library system, where she began to write her first romance novels. The marriage moved to Seattle, Washington, where they continue living.

137 ebooks:
As Jayne Ann Krentz
Series Lost Colony
Jayne Ann Krentz - Lost Colony 01 - Sweet Starfire
Jayne Ann Krentz - Lost Colony 02 - Crystal Flame
Jayne Ann Krentz - Lost Colony 03 - Shield's Lady (writing as Amanda Glass)
Series Gift
Jayne Ann Krentz - Gift 01 - Gift of Gold
Jayne Ann Krentz - Gift 02 - Gift of Fire
Series Dreams
Jayne Ann Krentz - Dreams 01
Jayne Ann Krentz - Dreams 02
Series Ladies and Legends
Jayne Ann Krentz - Ladies and Legends 01 - The Pirate
Jayne Ann Krentz - Ladies and Legends 02 - The Adventurer
Jayne Ann Krentz - Ladies and Legends 03 - The Cowboy
Series Eclipse Bay
Jayne Ann Krentz - Eclipse Bay 01 - Eclipse Bay
Jayne Ann Krentz - Eclipse Bay 02 - Dawn in Eclipse Bay
Jayne Ann Krentz - Eclipse Bay 03 - A Summer in Eclipse Bay
Series Whispering Springs
Jayne Ann Krentz - Whispering Springs 01 - Light in Shadow
Jayne Ann Krentz - Whispering Springs 02 - Truth or Dare
Series Dark Legacy
Jayne Ann Krentz - Dark Legacy 01 - Copper Beach
Jayne Ann Krentz - Dark Legacy 02 - Dream Eyes
Jayne Ann Krentz - Uneasy Alliance
Jayne Ann Krentz - Ghost of a Chance
Jayne Ann Krentz - Legacy
Jayne Ann Krentz - Man with a Past
Jayne Ann Krentz - The Waiting Game
Jayne Ann Krentz - True Colors
Jayne Ann Krentz - Twist of Fate
Jayne Ann Krentz - A Coral Kiss
Jayne Ann Krentz - The Main Attraction
Jayne Ann Krentz - Chance of a Lifetime
Jayne Ann Krentz - Test of Time
Jayne Ann Krentz - Midnight Jewels
Jayne Ann Krentz - Full Bloom
Jayne Ann Krentz - A Woman's Touch
Jayne Ann Krentz - Lady's Choice
Jayne Ann Krentz - The Wedding Night
Jayne Ann Krentz - Silver Linings
Jayne Ann Krentz - Too Wild to Wed?
Jayne Ann Krentz - Sweet Fortune
Jayne Ann Krentz - Family Man
Jayne Ann Krentz - Perfect Partners
Jayne Ann Krentz - Hidden Talents
Jayne Ann Krentz - Wildest Hearts
Jayne Ann Krentz - Trust Me
Jayne Ann Krentz - Deep Waters
Jayne Ann Krentz - Flash
Jayne Ann Krentz - Sharp Edges
Jayne Ann Krentz - Soft Focus
Jayne Ann Krentz - Lost and Found
Jayne Ann Krentz - Smoke In Mirrors
Jayne Ann Krentz - Falling Awake
Jayne Ann Krentz - All Night Long
Arcane Society: Dreamlight Trilogy
Jayne Ann Krentz - Fired Up
Arcane Society: Looking Glass Trilogy
Jayne Ann Krentz - In Too Deep
Series Arcane Society
Jayne Ann Krentz - Arcane Society 02 - White Lies
Jayne Ann Krentz - Arcane Society 03 - Sizzle and Burn
Jayne Ann Krentz - Tough Enough (with B J Daniels and Lindsay McKenna)

As Amanda Quick
Series Vanza
Amanda Quick - Vanza 01 - With This Ring
Amanda Quick - Vanza 02 - I Thee Wed
Amanda Quick - Vanza 03 - Wicked Widow
Amanda Quick - Vanza 04 - Lie by Moonlight
Series Lavinia Lake / Tobias March
Amanda Quick - Lavinia Lake 01 - Slightly Shady
Amanda Quick - Lavinia Lake 02 - Don't Look Back
Amanda Quick - Lavinia Lake 03 - Late for the Wedding
Series Ladies of Lantern Street
Amanda Quick - Ladies of Lantern Street 01 - Crystal Gardens
Series Arcane Society
Amanda Quick - Arcane Society 01 - Second Sight
Amanda Quick - Arcane Society 04 - The Third Circle
Amanda Quick - Arcane Society 06 - Perfect Poison
Arcane Society: Dreamlight Trilogy
Amanda Quick - Burning Lamp
Arcane Society: Looking Glass Trilogy
Amanda Quick - Quicksilver
Amanda Quick - Seduction
Amanda Quick - Surrender
Amanda Quick - Scandal
Amanda Quick - Rendezvous
Amanda Quick - Ravished
Amanda Quick - Reckless
Amanda Quick - Desire
Amanda Quick - Dangerous
Amanda Quick - Deception
Amanda Quick - Mistress
Amanda Quick - Mystique
Amanda Quick - Mischief
Amanda Quick - Affair
Amanda Quick - The Paid Companion
Amanda Quick - Wait Until Midnight
Amanda Quick - The River Knows

As Jayne Castle
Series Guinevere Jones
Jayne Castle - Guinevere Jones 01 - The Desperate Game
Jayne Castle - Guinevere Jones 02 - The Chilling Deception
Jayne Castle - Guinevere Jones 03 - The Sinister Touch
Jayne Castle - Guinevere Jones 04 - The Fatal Fortune
Series Curtain: Futuristic World of St. Helen's
Jayne Castle - Curtain 01 - Amaryllis
Jayne Castle - Curtain 02 - Zinnia
Jayne Castle - Curtain 03 - Orchid
Series Harmony World
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 01 - Bridal Jitters
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 02 - After Dark
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 03 - After Glow
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 04 - Ghost Hunter
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 05 - Silver Master
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 06 - Dark Light
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 07 - Obsidian Prey
Jayne Castle - Harmony World 08 - Canyons of Night
Series Futuristic World of Harmony: Rainshadow
Jayne Castle - Rainshadow 01 - The Lost Night
Series Arcane Society: Dreamlight Trilogy
Jayne Castle - Arcane Society 03 - Midnight Crystal
Jayne Castle - Right of Possession
Jayne Castle - Bargain with the Devil
Jayne Castle - Affair of Risk
Jayne Castle - A Negotiated Surrender
Jayne Castle - Power Play
Jayne Castle - Relentless Adversary
Jayne Castle - Conflict of Interest
Jayne Castle - Trading Secrets

As Stephanie James
Series Colter
Stephanie James - Colter 01 - Fabulous Beast
Stephanie James - Colter 02 - The Devil To Pay
Stephanie James - A Passionate Business
Stephanie James - Corporate Affair
Stephanie James - Lover in Pursuit
Stephanie James - Reckless Passion
Stephanie James - Velvet Touch
Stephanie James - Dangerous Magic
Stephanie James - Stormy Challenge
Stephanie James - Renaissance Man
Stephanie James - Affair of Honor
Stephanie James - Battle Prize
Stephanie James - Price of Surrender
Stephanie James - The Silver Snare
Stephanie James - Raven's Prey
Stephanie James - Serpent in Paradise
Stephanie James - Body Guard
Stephanie James - Gamemaster
Stephanie James - To Tame the Hunter
Stephanie James - Nightwalker
Stephanie James - Gambler's Woman
Stephanie James - Night of the Magician
Stephanie James - Wizard
Stephanie James - Golden Goddess
Stephanie James - Cautious Lover
Stephanie James - Green Fire
Stephanie James - The Challoner Bride
Stephanie James - Saxon's Lady
Born in the USA
Stephanie James - Second Wife

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