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Essie Summers 41 ebooks Collection


About Essie Summers
Ethel Snelson Summers, well-know as Essie, was born on Bordesley Street inChristchurch, New Zealand on July 24, 1912. Her parents, Ethel Snelson (forwhom she was named) and Edwin Summers, had immigrated to New Zealand fromEngland exactly one year earlier. She had an older brother, Edwin and ayounger brother, William. She grew up in a warm and happy home where readingand story-telling were highly valued, and from a very early age little Essiewas making up her own stories. When a teacher read aloud "Emily of New Moon"by L M Montgomery, she knew then that she wanted to be a writer. When shewas young she had red hair, like many of her heroines, and she has said thatshe had a very quick temper, which she later learned to control. Essie leftschool early for financial reasons and began work at Londontown Drapers andshe did similar work for the next 13 years, until her marriage. Essiemarried William Flett, a minister, after a courtship conducted mainly byletters, and they settled into parish life together. They lived in variousparts of the North and South Islands of New Zealand though they eventuallysettled in Hawke's Bay in the North Island. They had two children, WilliamTemple and Elizabeth Lucia, and seven grandchildren. As a minister's wifeand a mother, her life was very full, but she was still a prolific writer ofshort stories, poems and, for a time, a newspaper column. Finally, herhusband told her that if she was to achieve her goal of having a novelpublished by the time she was forty-five, the time to start was now. Withhis help she was able to concentrate on her writing and had her first novelpublished the day after her forty-fifth birthday! She went on to become oneof the world's most beloved romance writers and a strong supporter of otheraspiring writers. When she had achieved some financial security with herwriting, she and her husband fulfilled a life-long dream and travelled toGreat Britain and parts of Europe, where she was able to visit many of theplaces where her ancesters had lived. She writes very movingly in herautobiography about seeing the places where her parents had come from andmeeting her English relatives. Essie went on to use many of those settingsin her novels. In all she wrote fifty-six novels and an autobiography, plusher family history, before her death in Napier at the age of eighty-six onAugust 27, 1998. She was predeceased by her husband in 1984. Many of herfans have travelled to New Zealand to see for themselves the country thatshe described so vividly in her books. Because of this Essie Summers wasoffered The Order Of The British Empire for her contributions to tourism.

41 ebooks:
Essie Summers - A Lamp for Jonathan
Essie Summers - Anna of Strathallan
Essie Summers - Autumn in April
Essie Summers - Come Blossom-Time, My Love
Essie Summers - Daughter of the Misty Gorges
Essie Summers - Goblin Hill
Essie Summers - Heir to Windrush Hill
Essie Summers - House of the Shining Tide
Essie Summers - MacBride of Tordarroch
Essie Summers - Moon Over The Alps
Essie Summers - No Legacy for Lindsay
Essie Summers - No Orchids By Request
Essie Summers - Postscript to Yesterday
Essie Summers - Revolt-And Virginia
Essie Summers - Season of Forgetfulness
Essie Summers - South To Forget (Nurse Mary's Engagement)
Essie Summers - Summer in December
Essie Summers - The Bay of Nightingales
Essie Summers - The Forbidden Valley
Essie Summers - The Kindled Fire
Essie Summers - The Master of Tawhai
Essie Summers - The Smoke and the Fire
Essie Summers - The South Horizon Man
Essie Summers - The Tender Leaves
Essie Summers - The Time and the Place
Essie Summers - To Bring You Joy
Essie Summers - [Belle Knowes 02] - Beyond the Foothills
Essie Summers - [Challowsford 03] - So Comes Tomorrow
Essie Summers - [Dragonshill 05] - Winter in July
Essie Summers - [Fairacre Valley 01] - Sweet are the Ways
Essie Summers - [Glenorchy 01] - A Place Called Paradise
Essie Summers - [Glenorchy 05] - High-Country Governess (Nathaniel's Wilderness)
Essie Summers - [Glenorchy 06] - Caleb's Kindom
Essie Summers - [Harvest Moon Bay 02] - Through All the Years
Essie Summers - [Harvest Moon Bay 06] - Design for Life
Essie Summers - [Heatherleigh 01] - New Zealand Inheritance
Essie Summers - [Hills of Home 01] - His Serene Miss Smith
Essie Summers - [Linden Peaks 01] - Bachelors Galore
Essie Summers - [Ludwigtown 04] - The Lake of the Kingfisher
Essie Summers - [Ludwigtown 06] - A Mountain for Luenda
Essie Summers - [MacGregor 03] - The House on Gregor's Brae

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